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HSINTELLIGENCE is a Nonprofit Nurse Research & Staffing Agency founded by nurses to ensure the highest quality  of uninterrupted, patient-centered care services are available at all times.

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We take pride in our team of highly qualified, diverse work force of Travel Nurses and their commitment to patient care. We invest in new

 technologies which allows us to reduce our operational costs and save. We want to ensure nurses are paid more for their service to society. We believe that when we invest in a nurse, we invest in our communities.

Young serious nurse standing at wall with arms crossed wearing and holding protective acce

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We are a non profit founded by nurses and for nurses. We advocate for our nurse's mental well being, physical and emotional health so that they have longevity at the bedside. We offer peer-to-peer learning, mentorship, elite

 coaching to promote their new career paths.  

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HSI makes special efforts and takes steps to follow data-driven national objectives to improve the health and well-being of diverse populations. We are nurses committed to helping the U.S. Government address health disparities during the pandemic by empowering Medical Staff to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and address the impact social determinants have on the health outcomes of specific populations of society.


More Than 621K Died Of Covid-19

Our Medical Experts Advocate The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals. Our Medical Professionals continue to fight on the front lines putting thousands of patients lives out of danger. Join us to serve the nation, save the nation. We all admire the special efforts and steps taken by the U.S. Government during the pandemic to help Medical Staff by providing access to Covid-19 vaccines, equipped with the latest technology to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

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