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Staffing Agency FAQs

You Have Questions... We Have Answers

What Do Travel Nurses Do?

Travel nurses fill staff shortages around the country in a variety of healthcare settings. This could be staffing shortages due to strikes, pandemics, emergencies, EMR system upgrades, being understaffed, or staff holidays. There is a current National Nursing Shortage exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most hospitals are at a crisis point, straining to fulfill several understaffed units.

Why Are We Such A Unique Agency?

We are a Not-for-Profit Staffing Agency and are travel nurses ourselves! We know the challenges you go through on a daily basis...the burden you lift on your shoulders on behalf of your commitment to high quality patient care as you move from floor to floor, unit to unit. We care deeply for the empowerment of the travel nurse and our focus is to do everything we can to listen and honor the work of nurses. We do smart budgeting and each do multiple roles in the organization so that we can cut costs and give back better.  

What Are The Benefits Of Travel Nursing?

Working as a travel nurse can turn you into a confident, brave, highly intelligent nurse because it expands your skills  and nurse IQ in an exponentially in a short frame of time. As a traveler, you bring your diverse and rich expertise to the clinical setting. One of the most exciting things about travel nurses is that they 1) get to experience new and unique experiences frequently; 2) get to take big optional breaks in between contracts; 3) work their shifts (minus the politics!) 4) work less days and can travel to holiday destinations, 5) boast a high compensation package, 6) Schedule time -off and mental break times. 

How  Does A Staffing Non Profit Prevent Healthcare Disparities?

We support and follow the Healthy People 2030 National objectives to improve health and well-being of society. Travel nurses bring their diverse experiences and knowledge to ensure health equity is achieved by all members of society. We are a key resource for society to enjoy access to resources and education and to be as healthy as possible. We benefit public health by traveling to far away hospitals and minority communities to advocate for preventive health. With your expertise and compassion you bring the gold standard of nursing to all communities regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, race or religion. 

How Much Do Travel Nurse Professionals Make?

Many factors can affect your paycheck. Ultimately, the specialty, location and bill rate paid by the hospital will affect the amount of money that goes into your pocket. Is it a Magnet hospital in a bustling, busy city or a tiny community hospital in the middle-of-nowhere? If you are looking to optimize your pay, it is good to understand that specialties in high demand also pay far better rates. For instance, a travel ICU nurse in California will make a different amount than a travel med surg nurse in Kentucky.

When Do I Have To Start Working?

Contract start dates can vary based on your preference and the hospital's need. Traditional contracts last 8-13 weeks and recruit with flexible start dates. However, due to sudden emergent staff shortages, hospitals might post 'Crisis pay openings' with an immediate start date. Crisis start dates are non-negotiable and based on emergencies.

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